Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To guide the young people entrusted to us through their journey in faith and knowledge so that they may know the value of their own lives and contribute positively to the community and world in which they live.

Our Motto


Our Mission

Our Lady of the Southern Cross will strive to: 

•  Establish and promote an ethos of teaching and learning excellence where all strive to continually develop the individual’s spiritual, academic, social, cultural and physical potential;

•  Provide opportunities for parents and caregivers, as the primary educators of our young people, to work in partnership with our College;

•  Develop a shared understanding of Christian faith and life in the Catholic tradition by living Christ’s values;

•  Encourage self-discipline with a caring and positive attitude;

•  Promote a sense of respect, inclusiveness and compassion for others;

•  Promote responsible stewardship of our College environment and resources; and

•  Foster unity and trust between our College, Catholic parish, other faiths and wider community with integrity, acceptance and goodwill.


    >  Visible Learning
    >  Senior Schooling
    >  Religious Life of the College
    >  Wellbeing
    >  Quality Leadership


    >  Human Dignity
    >  Stewardship of Creation
    >  Community and the Common Good
    >  Subsidiarity
    >  Solidarity


    >  Learn and allow others to learn
    >  Be Safe
    >  Be Respectful
    >  Be Responsible


A learner at OLSCC is:
    >  Persistent
    >  Independent
    >  Resilient
    >  Curious
    >  Motivated
    >  Optimistic
    >  Creative
  • Heighten standards and expectations
  • Increase attendance
  • Enhance involvement and engagement within the community
  • Develop greater opportunities for family and community engagement
  • Increase opportunities through enrolment growth

    >  Maximising individual progress
    >  Digital enhancement of the curriculum
    >  Maximising student potential and work readiness through various pathways
    >  Targeted range of senior subjects


    >  Growing great people
    >  Praxis (service to others)
    >  Re-Creation
    >  Making Jesus Real
    >  Catholic Social Teachings
    >  Positive Education


    > Interhouse Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country carnivals and competition
    >  Netball (inc QISSN Carnival)
    >  Rugby League (inc QISSRL Confraternity)
    >  Touch Football (Girls and Boys)
    >  Rugby Sevens (Girls and Boys)
    >  Volleyball
    >  Interschool sporting opportunities
    >  Darling Downs School Sport


    >  Eisteddfod
    >  Art Show & Senior Exhibition
    >  Public Performances
    >  Instrumental & Vocal Program
    >  Musical