The Tuckshop is operated Monday to Friday by convenors Kathy Crump and Joan Chalmers as well as parent volunteers. More volunteers are always welcome so please call 4672 4111 if you are able to assist.

Tuckshop orders can be placed online with Flexischools. All you need to do is set up an account. Click here to register for an account and view the Menu.

Orders can also be placed using the bag system for Prep to Year 5 or by the order form at the Tuckshop. 

The College Tuckshop opens each morning at 8:30 to take orders and complete preparation, and closes at 2:30pm.

Remember the simple Red, Amber, Green light approach to healthy eating:


Restrict intake – infrequent treats such as
Lollies, chips, iceblocks, cakes, etc.


Limit intake – mostly processed foods,
Add salad to improve nutritional value.


Eat plenty – fresh fruit and vegetables,
Reduced fat and dairy.