College Fees

The College fees are determined annually, in line with Toowoomba Catholic School’s Sustainability Funding Framework model and endorsed by the College Advisory Council. Fees are charged on a termly basis and encompass a tuition levy, capital levy and laptop levy as outlined in the fee schedule above. The College provides discounts for families with two or more students at the College. The discount is outlined on the above fee schedule and is applied in chronological order (e.g. 1st child is the eldest). College fees are usually invoiced by week 3 of each term and are subject to 14-day payment terms.

Additional Charges

All camps, excursions and extra-curricular activities are invoiced separately to the College fees and are expected to be paid for on time and in full. To assist families with budgeting, the table below outlines the overall costs for fees for the 2024 school year, including planned costs for events such as camps, excursions, retreats and incursions for all year levels.

Please note, the above table does not factor in any discounts that may apply to the tuition and capital levies.

There are some events that arise throughout the year that incur additional expense, and some senior subjects that require mandatory camps/experiences in order for students to succeed. These will be invoiced in an ad hoc manner, though will be notified in advance if costs are to be incurred. This would include the subject selection guide for senior subjects, the College Extra Curricular Program for instrumental music and performing arts, Confraternity, QISSN, Volleyball Qld Competitions, and other opportunities. Please note that all extra-curricular opportunities are optional, subject to the College's eligibility criteria, and are only available on a user pays system. Accordingly, should the expense not be paid by the due date, student participation will not be possible.

Payment Options
The College offers several different payment options to assist families with paying their account. Some options include:
• Direct Debit 

• Cash
• Centrepay

Payment Plans
If a family is wanting to make a payment arrangement with the College, they are encouraged to contact the College Business Manager to discuss further. It is expected that all College fees are paid in full by the end of the school year. For families that are experiencing genuine financial hardship, concessions are available to support those in need. Please call the College office to make a confidential appointment with the College Business Manager.

Eligibility Criteria
The College has an extra-curricular and off-site experiences policy that relates to three aspects of College life:
• Attendance above 85%
• Good behaviour
• Account balance under $800.00 at the time of the activity, including the cost of said activity, or an approved payment plan with consistent payment history.
Failure to comply with any of the above criteria will result in students being unable to participate in certain experiences.
For further information please refer to the Eligibility Criteria.

Acceptance Fee
A non-refundable enrolment acceptance fee of $255.00/child is payable when returning the Enrolment Contract. From this fee, $200.00 will be credited to your first invoice for tuition fees and the remaining $50.00 is for enrolment administration.