The Early Years Sector at Our Lady of the Southern Cross College encompasses Prep to Year 4. 

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The Early Years of schooling at Our Lady of the Southern Cross College provides a safe and supportive environment that has been intentionally set up to cause learning.  

Building meaningful connections and relationships is at the core of our mission to develop individual qualities that guide our students in how to learn. Our College dispositions of curiosity, creativity, independence, motivationoptimism, persistence and resilience are integrated into daily learning.  

With an emphasis on teacher clarity to reduce ambiguity, our students are empowered to become problem solvers, where attitude and application are valued highly. Students develop the skills necessary to embrace challenges as opportunities for further learning whilst seeking excellence.  

With an emphasis on literacy and numeracy, the Early Years at OLSCC sets up a strong foundation for each child’s future, equipping students with the skills necessary to become lifelong learners.