Absence and Attendance

School commences at 8.50am each morning and rolls are marked between 8.50 and 9.10am. Students in Prep to Year 6 arriving after 8.50am must sign in via the Late Arrivals Register. Students in Year 7 to 12 who arrive after 9.10am must sign in via the Late Arrivals Register.

Lessons conclude at 3.10pm each day for all students. If your child is required to leave school before 3.10pm, a parent must attend the College Office to sign the child out and collect them via the Early Departure Register. If anyone other than a parent will be collecting the child, the parent must phone or email the College Office to advise staff who will be signing out and collecting the child.

Daily absences must be reported by 9.10am each morning either by phoning or emailing the College Office or by lodging an absentee form via parent portal. If an absence has not been reported, parents will be contacted via SMS to alert them to their child's absence. Parents are then required to contact the College Office to confirm the absence.

This procedure follows strict student protection guidelines for ensuring safety of students at all times.