Exam Timetables

Semester 1

On this page you will find the assessment calendars and exam timetable for the current term. If you have any concerns, please speak to your student’s teacher. Students cannot sit an exam prior to the scheduled date.

Student Examination Guidelines (Maintaining Academic Integrity)

  • Have the correct equipment for exams in a clear, transparent container or bag. There is to be no borrowing of equipment during exams.
  • Be on time for exams. Once an exam has started entry into the room will not be permitted.
  • Complete all assessment to the best of your ability, using the entire allocated time to work and check your responses.
  • All students must remain in the exam room for the allotted time.
  • All permitted calculators must be reset and checked by a member of the College Leadership Team.
  • No mobile phones or smart devices (Apple watches or similar) are allowed into an exam.