Parent Engagement

As a College, we are committed to nurturing active partnerships with families and providing parents with opportunities to engage meaningfully in the life of the College Community.  Each student's learning journey is enriched through these positive and reciprocal relationships.

"When responsibility for children's learning is shared by the College, home and community, children have more opportunities for meaningful, engaged learning."

Ideas of ways in which the College and parents build relationships

- ongoing communication between teachers and parents 

- attendance at parent information sessions

- parent teacher interviews 

- reinforcing College expectations at home related to learning, behaviour and presentation

- involvement in College life through volunteering in classes, volunteering in tuckshop, joining in P & F initiatives, attending College events 

- participate in the religious life of the College eg supporting class and whole College prayer celebrations, masses, assemblies, Praxis activities.

Parent Engagement Charter

This Charter has been developed by Toowoomba Catholic Schools to aid parents as they navigate the school environment and become fluent in the 'language of school'.