Senior Years Teaching Team

As a community, we recognise that our staff are our greatest asset.  They are collectively a passionate, innovative, caring group of professionals who are experts in their subject area. The expectation of consistent, high quality teaching and learning is supported by professional learning, development and growth based on sound educational research.

All staff are trained in the use of Visible Learning and 21st Century Learning Design to support their practice in the classroom.  Educational leaders work with staff to refine their practice providing feedback to aid reflection. Each teacher is an active member of the professional learning community which works together to achieve the College purpose, “Every Child. Every Chance”, through a process of continual improvement guided by the Teaching and Learning Framework.


Assistant Principal Senior Years

Matthew Hodge

Middle Leader Senior Years

Wendy Rea

Teaching Staff Senior Years 9 to 12

Judy Appleton

Libby Baxter

Nick Blauw

Chris Coman

Bronwyn McArthur

Coling Portbury

Wendy Rea

Jodie Biggar

Simone Forbes

Dean Garside

Matt Hodge

Kylie Purbrick

Stephen Routley