Student Leadership 2021

College Captains Clancy Biggar and Maggie Laffy
Prefects Hugh Clarke, Maddison Hayes, Jack Henningsen and Jennifer Nothdurft     


House Captains

MacKillop Junior House Captains Harrison Burton and Madeleine Hemmings
MacKillop Senior House Captain Hunter James and Cooper Woitowitz
McAuley Junior House Captains Jake Griffiths and Emmy Harms
McAuley Senior House Captains Claudia Child and Jaiken Crothers
Nolan Junior House Captains Charlotte Bennie and Ryan Elder
Nolan Senior House Captains To be confirmed 2021
Rice Junior House Captains William Barwick and Abigail Zillman
Rice Senior House Captains Michael MacDonald (second Captain to be confirmed 2021)

Student Representative Council

Year 5 Innes Dellit and Matilda Ryan
Year 6 Joshua Barwick and Claire Davison
Year 7 Penelope Cartwright and Stella Cleary
Year 8  Gabriella Banks and Jack Hall
Year 9  Amelia McNaughton