Student Leadership 2020

College Captains Charlotte Crothers and Breanna Tanks
Prefects Patrick Boland, Samuel Gillespie, Margot Gleeson and Mitchell Portbury


House Captains

MacKillop Junior House Captains Leila Boland and Jack Gibson
MacKillop Senior House Captain Maggie Laffy
McAuley Junior House Captains Emmysen Crothers and Archie Smart
McAuley Senior House Captains Matt Cuskelly and Joseph Walsh
Nolan Junior House Captains Grace Gallagher and Hayden Koehler
Nolan Senior House Captains Kacy Miaco and Max Ogilvie
Rice Junior House Captains Penelope Cartwright and Mac Sterling
Rice Senior House Captains Dusty Brown and Lachlan Sankey

Student Representative Council

Year 5 Claire Davison and Lachlan Fraser
Year 6 Isabel Johnson and Henry Stephens
Year 7 Gabriella Banks and Monique Smith
Year 8  Rohan Cartwright and Amelia McNaughton
Year 9  Imogen Mittelstadt and Molly Hartwig
Year 10 Claudia Henderson and Trent Young
Year 11 Clancy Biggar 
Year 12 To be confirmed 2020