Student Leadership 2022

College Captains Claudia Child and Jaiken Crothers 
Prefects Hayden Doherty, Clare Griffiths, Charlotte Kelly and Charlotte Wood  

House Captains

MacKillop Junior House Captains Miles Gilliland and Gemma Sullivan
MacKillop Senior House Captain Hannah Pattison
McAuley Junior House Captains Matthew Brennan and Indianna Wilson
McAuley Senior House Captains Toby Harms and Dakota Wilson
Nolan Junior House Captains Charlotte Colquhoun and Ethan Koehler
Nolan Senior House Captains Brayden Falvey and Violet Wilkie-Boulus
Rice Junior House Captains Innes Dellit and Louie Machin
Rice Senior House Captains Yolande Gordon and Zahra Manteit

Student Representative Council

Year 5 Milla Barnett and Bobbie Machin
Year 6 Lucinda Conn and Matilda Ryan
Year 7 Madeleine Hemmings and Sophie Jeude
Year 8  Penelope Cartwright and Stella Cleary
Year 9  Tiffinay Ham and Kago Mosako