Senior Years Remote Learning

Senior Year Resources

The safety, health and welfare of our Senior Years students, staff and parents remains our highest priority. We are also committed to continuing to provide our students with an age appropriate learning program, albeit not necessarily through the traditional classroom model.

The following are resources and activity ideas that students in the Senior Years may like to access to extend their minds, body and spirit.

Family Fun

  • Play a few quick card games at dinner table straight after eating for 20 minutes or so.
  • Each child takes a turn nightly helping with dinner preparation or doing it wholly on their own.
  • Choose a family exercise activity for each day of the holidays - each family member submits ideas to a list and a different one is chosen every day. Examples include a Pilates, yoga, shooting basketball hoops, a walk
  • Choose a (60 min) family activity for each day of the holidays - each family member submits ideas to a list and a different one is chosen every day. Examples include a board game, a jigsaw, dancing, playing charades
  • Alternate television viewing with a documentary one night, a movie the next and a memorabilia type the next (for example, your wedding video or a holiday video) – that is, the things you’d like your children to watch but they never do!

Family Fun

  • Family Fun Teach your children to cook, sew and iron. Who can be the family Masterchef?
  • Go to online video of an aerobics workout and do this together at some time each day.
  • Get out the old board games – we all need some time away from screens!
  • Share an hour of reading together – possibly one person reads the story aloud, or you share ideas about what you are reading.
  • Each day, each member of the family should try to share at one (or more) ‘fun fact’. There are many things of wonder in the world and sharing some of these can help lift our focus away from the immediate issues.

New Skills

  • Watch Jane Austen reimagined for a modern audience at Pemberley Digital
  • Join these professional chefs on Bon Appétit as they learn, explore and create new ways with food
  • Watch Crash Course as the Green Brothers make study easy
  • Craving some peace? Follow Bob Ross to learn how to paint a masterpiece
  • Keep yourself moving with easy at home workouts for all ages presented by The Body Coach

Experience Something New

Free Musicals
Enjoy a Broadway show without leaving your lounge room


Historic Tour
Go on a tour of some of the world’s most historic sites


Visit a Museum
Explore of the world’s greatest museums and see their exhibits


Learn How to Read music

AMEB is now offering their courses. It’s never too late to learn to read music


Wellbeing Resources

Daily Calm

Daily Calm offers a free 10-minute mindfulness meditation to help be present and switch off stressful thoughts.

Ambient Music

Ambient Music offers a 10-minute backing track for relaxation and mindfulness. Take a small amount of time out of your day to unwind and pause your mind.

Sudoku Online

Stretch your mind and focus your attention with online sudoku.

Smiling Mind

A modern meditation for young people. It's a unique web and app-based program, designed to help bring balance to young lives.